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How to get to Madeira Island🏝️?

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Madeira Island is a Portuguese island located in the Atlantic Ocean. The most common way to get to Madeira Island is by plane, as the island has an international airport. Here are the basic steps to get to Madeira Island:


  1. Choose Your Departure Airport: First, you need to choose the airport you will depart from. Most flights to Madeira Island depart from European airports such as Lisbon, Porto, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Frankfurt and others, we have a depart from New York. Depending on your location, you may need to make a connection in one of these cities.

  2. Book a Flight: After selecting your departure airport, you should book a flight to Madeira International Airport (Cristiano Ronaldo Madeira Airport - Funchal). You can do this directly with airlines operating flights to Madeira or use online flight booking services.

  3. Visa and Documentation: Make sure you have all the necessary documents to enter Portugal and Madeira, depending on your nationality. Typically, for EU citizens, no visa is required.

  4. Arrival in Madeira: When you arrive at Madeira Airport, you will be in Santa Cruz, which is a short distance from Funchal, the island's capital. You can take a taxi, a bus 🚌, or rent a car 🚗 to reach your destination on the island.

Additionally, flight schedules, airlines, and flight availability can vary, so it's advisable to verify current travel details before making your plans.


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