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Investing in Real Estate: Buying to Resell 🏡💼

investing in real estate with

Investing in Real Estate: Buying to Resell 🏡💼

Acquiring a residence or apartment with the intention to resell later at a higher price is one of the ways to invest in real estate. In this case, the profitability of the venture is primarily related to the capital gain, i.e., the difference between the purchase and sale prices, which constitutes the "return" for the investor.

To enhance this difference, it's important to seek properties in need of rehabilitation to be reintroduced to the market at a higher price – only by "adding value" can a future buyer be willing to pay more. Additionally, location is a fundamental factor. Narrow your search to areas with a network of services and commerce, good access, and evidence of liquidity in purchase for personal use.

In choosing the property, you should also consider the most sought-after typologies in each location, as well as the existence of outdoor spaces – such as balconies, yards, and terraces – which have become even more valued by buyers since the Covid-19 pandemic. In summary, gather information about market trends, look for areas with appreciation potential, and select properties with features that meet the needs of potential buyers.


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