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The first steps to buy a property.

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

The first step to buy a property oin Madeira Island is to decide the target of the purchase. It could be for investment, as the property market in Madeira is booming, or as a second home. There may also be cases in which the purchase contemplates a mix between the two objectives, use the second home while on Madeira Island and investment when you are in your first home and renting the secondary home.

Before contacting a professional, make a detailed list of the requirements you want and define your budget, then make an appointment to meet with them, as they will be responsible for finding what you're looking for and there's nothing better than meeting them in person.

Once you've made this decision, you're ready to go out and visit the properties that are in your objectives, so you should be accompanied by a professional with knowledge of the market. They will facilitate the search and the inclusion or exclusion of properties according to your requirements.

If you're visiting Madeira for the first time with the intention of buying one or more properties, then hire a car and take 3 days to visit the island. Discover all the island has to offer and point out the places that you liked and that are inside in your buying objectives.

the first steps to buy a property

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